graphic designer

graphic designer. taco connoisseur. avid adventurer.

I am a graphic designer, taco connoisseur, and travel maven. I also birth doodles and comics.

Born and raised in southern Louisiana to a native and Los Angeles ex-pat, I was taught that nothing in unattainable with hard work. At an early age I had already unlocked the wisdom that your career should be in something you love doing. At that age, I though I would be a zoo keeper or museum curator (or person who works at a museum since I wasn’t aware of the actual occupation). 

Later on I discovered art, but decided to focus on design since wining prospective patrons didn’t seem to be my thing.

I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and completed the BFA program in Graphic Design. While in my senior year I started an working for a video production/advertising firm, as their in house designer. I was juggling video shoots and layouts at the same time, growing an appreciation for what was onscreen. 

After a good run, I decided it was time to grow my skills and moved to New York City in 2013. I have since been designing for a film distributor and really stretching my skills. 

Outside of work, I draw for my sketch blog and develop work on short comics. Two of them have appeared in Dirty Diamonds: An All-Girl Comics Anthology. Outside of art my hobbies include training for half marathons, reading seafaring folklore, and traveling extensively both in the United States and abroad. 

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