Some Time Later...

Since I was here last many things have happened. First of which is that I have been drawing much more. Nothing amazing, nothing life changing, but enough. Enough that a few months ago I had a table with my illustrator friend, Noni Garcia, at MoCCA Fest 2014. It was a humbling experience to say the least. I hope I am able to expand on it in the future. The comic community is filled with some amazing people and being apart of the fest was inspiring. 

I have also since my last update written two short comics that have appeared in two separate volumes of Dirty Diamonds: An All-Girl Anthology. I love this anthology so much and the ladies that curate it are the best. I feel so welcome and honored to have been selected twice. Third time's a charm?

In the realm of design, I have been doing a lot of research. Recently I picked up Steven Heller and Lita Talarico's book Typography Sketchbooks. I love getting a peak at the process other designers go through. Type in regard to brand identity has to be one of my favorite aspects of design, but it is also involves the most work to get right (in my opinion). There is something beautiful about a logo that knows it's place in the world. 

That's it for now. 


Drink and Draw Like A Lady

Tonight I did something pretty amazing. I went to the Drink and Draw Like A Lady. It was my first drink n' draw since Lafayette. Mostly in attendance were gals that make comics, but I did find some oddballs like myself. I met some pretty amazing people. I also got some much needed encouragement in my endeavors. I hope everyone I met made it to their destinations safely and thanks for being awesome! As promised I will share my sketch blog with you. My best friend Corinne and I started this after undergrad together and I will work on reviving it inthe near future. Hope to see you all at MoCCA Fest tomorrow! Also, thanks Lucy for putting this event together. You're a doll and good luck with your book tour!

Save Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

If you are into letterpress or even just in tune with the design world, you may have heard that the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is in trouble. They are being forced to vacate their building and may have to as soon as mid-February. Obviously, this place is pretty massive so this would be no small feat. They are asking for donations, as I assume they will be trying to acquire the building from the owners. If you have any means of giving, please consider. It's a shame that wonderful keepers of information are foced to make decisions like this. We need to support those that feed our intellect, so please give anything you can. 

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday!

I was going through some of my things and I found this self portrait I did years ago. It's not my best piece, but something about it catches my eye. Maybe it marks the beginning of a transformation. More likely, it's because it was the first self portrait I really put time into. Who knows? I just know when I look at it, it's like I stopped time. That was who I was at that moment and she may only be a fraction of the person I am now.   

SOFA - A Magazine About Couch-Surfing. (For the iPad)

By trade, I am a graphic designer, but in life I am an adventurer. About four years ago, I came across the website I used its interface to get in touch with locals during my first European excursion and it forever changed my life. For anyone looking to broaden his or her horizons I highly recommend it. 

However, this blog post is not about that so much as the great things that can come out of experiences like my own. While surfing through my groups on the website, I stumbled across a modest proposal for a magazine devoted to sharing similar stories to the world. Three designers from Münich, have taken it upon themselves to no only develop/design this wonderful piece of print material, but are working towards developing a version for the iPad (perfect for travelers that don't have time to keep up with print editions). They don't have much time left in their KickStarter campaign, so it would be great if any of you could contribute. Please check it out; it's a wonderful endeavor. 


Camp Fiber

Yesterday as part of INNOV8 Lafayette, eight-day festival of creativity and innovation, I attended Camp Fiber. Fiber Corps set up a day full of exploring how creatives and businesses utilize technology. There's more to it then that, but you get the idea. I really enjoyed the entire experience. To listen to speakers from the city I work and play in made a huge impact. It felt less like great ideas were falling amongst the deaf ears of a larger national conference. Below I will share some of notes, some quotes others merely scribbles, but hopefully these words will empower you to feel passionate about the things you already had a passion for.

-Quick change of pace creates instability. (Which may or may not be a bad thing.)
-How do artists imagine the places they live? (An open question, but it's filled with so many possibilities.)
-"Cyberspace is not another realm. It is intertwined with our reality."-  Gerar Edizel
-TAKE RISKS (It's actually written rather large in my notebook.)
-Put yourself out of the box and change the way you make things. 
-Don't mistake troubleshooting for doing something. (The same goes for research.)
-Use analog methods to create. (Something I was doing in my personal work, but am lacking in my professional work.)
-Sketching is not a gift it's a process. (Can I get an AMEN?!)
-Technology has crept in whether one likes it or not.

So there you have it. What I learned or found pertinent in a nutshell. I hope that these few nuggets of wisdom (which these are merely a small percentage) help you in your creative life. Don't forget that just because your career calls for you to be create on cue, making you feel sometimes like an organ grinder monkey, does not mean you can't approach projects as if there were never a client in the first place. Have fun and explore first, then engineer your projects for you client. 



I've been keeping a low profile as of lately, but I have managed to read a few books and pump out a handful of doodles just for the sake of it. I am also in the early (very f'ing early) stages of rebuilding my site. There is more to me than what this site is composed of, so be on the look out for something pretty amazing. Yea, I'm counting my chickens, but we'll see what happens. :)

Rev No. 6

It's been a while, but in between drawing/playing around I put together a spoke card for a gallery show. Rev No.63 benefits Bike Lafayette, a group that acts as a voice for bicyclists in Lafayette, Louisiana. I love riding my bike, so any organization that wants to make that easier for me, I support. Here is my contribution to the affair. You can check it out on November 12, 2011, 6 p.m. - til at Parish Ink. It will also be their grand opening! Please come join us in support of the biking community. 


When: Saturday, November 12 6pm-10pm

Where: Parish Ink | 310 Jefferson Street | Lafayette, LA

Books and Prints

During my last semester, I was asked to make a print in response to a book I was assigned. A friend of mine got to choose the books and she assigned me Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishiguro. This is a very loose interpretation of the novel, by I think it speaks for itself (assuming you've read it). This was a hand carved linoleum print done in four colors.

Mesh, Ink, and Squeegees. OH MY!

This past week was the do all end all of my bachelor's degree era of learning. Unfortunately, it was not as laid back as I would have hoped. On Tuesday, I was signed up to screen print in the printmaking studio. I had arrived at 9:00 am to do other things on campus and didn't leave until 9:00 pm that night. I could have left about an hour earlier, but why pay for parking if you don't have too? (Our pay lot closes at nine.) Anyway, back to the story. I made some prints of a dragonfly from a drawing I put together earlier in the semester. They are eventually going to be gifts for my family in honor of my grandmother. I'm pleased with the end result. I graduate this Saturday and from there I assume I'll have to make my own decisions.

(Forgive the poor quality of this photo, it's from my phone.)

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Finals week begins tomorrow and the designing continues. Still working on some projects and luckily, enjoying every minute of it. This past week I went to America's Coffee House and unexpectedly entered a cup drawing competition. Below, is a photo of my cup.

My inspiration came from my cat, Kiff. She's a little sassy so as I began to draw her I decided that that sass could be applied to a situation. The cup features her as the boss of some office and her corporate superviser (the dog). Obviously, they don't get along. This silly little cup won me a copy of X-Men: Visionaries, and while I'm not an avid X-Men fan I can appreciate the gesture. I'll be reading it in the coming weeks, so be prepared for me to dump random X-Men tidbits from that point forward. Also, for fans out there, don't forget that Treme comes on tonight at nine. There will be a quiz in the morning.

BFA Show

This past Saturday was the opening of the ULL BFA Exhibition. The entire graduating class of graphic designers (all girls by the way) showcased the work associated with their senior projects. The project prompt was to create an environmentally friendly company and design the necessary collateral that said company would need. Below is a photo of my displayed work which will remain on display until April 25th in the Paul and Lulu Hillard Museum.

Design and the Cats

So yes, I'm a graphic designer. Also yes, I'm a graphic designer with four cats. I'd just like to take this opportunity to put this out there. I'd also like to tell you that my cats are into design just as much as I am. Here they are with my schwag from DSVC and my printer.


I'll try to keep the cat posts to a minimum, but you know, they are my roommates and not much I can do to avoid this.